Lift & Slide Salamander doors. HST evolutionDrive 82

Comfort within a modern dimension

Lift & Slide Salamander doors. HST evolutionDrive 82


Large-scale window units let plenty of natural light into the home – this is also the case with the new evolution Drive lift and slide doors which brings your interior space to life. A stepped reinforcement concept forms the basis for a structurally balanced construction which assures large glazing units. Optimised sealing levels, particularly in the middle section, provide excellent thermal insulation properties to help and reduce structural thermal bridges – ensuring the cold stays where it belongs. In addition to high-performance functionality, the lift-and-slide door stands out for its excellent compatibility with all popular threshold systems and fulfils all barrier-free requirements of tomorrow.

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The HST Lift & Slide Salamander doors can be opened in different ways. Examples below.


Scheme A


Scheme C



The Lift & Slide doors allow for constructions of large sizes, even up to 6 meters of width. This follows the modern architectural trends but also allow to receive a lot of sunlight.

Modern villa, interior, beautiful living room


The smooth movement of the sash and low aluminium threshold guarantee the ease of use between the terrace and house

Mother in an orange dress and daughter sitting on the terrace in the room, view through glass


The Lift & Slide doors don’t take up a lot of space insde the room, this ensures more working space.



The use of special aluminium reinforcements allows to desing a HST evolutionDrive 82 construction that is stable and incredibly light. This has a big influence on the transport costs and mounting. Futhermore, the specially designed fitting for the Lift & Slide doors significantly improves the resilience of use.



Standard sliding doors are manufactured in white. Wood-like veneer can be picked from the  Renolit or Cova pallete available in the following types:

  • White inside, wood-like veneer on the outside
  • Wood-like veneer inside and outside
  • Wood-like veneer inside, white on the outside

Standard colors
Non-standard colors