Star 90


The characteristic feature of the three-chamber Aliplast Star 90 window and door system is the increased thermal insulation. Thanks to the use of special insulating in-fills and a 45 mm deep thermal insert made of solid and proven materials, the Uf  value of 0.73 W/m2K was obtained. The sash width amounts to 99 mm and the frame amounts to 90 mm. It is possible to fasten the door with a very high load bearing hinge. This system uses a new standard of overlapping profile with glass, which, thanks to increased depth, further improves the thermal and structural properties of the system. The innovative water drainage system not only affects the comfort of use, but also the appearance of the product – in the Star system, the plugs of the drainage holes are invisible.



Thermal conductivity

Excellent thermal properties – Uf in the range of 0.73 W / m2K. Such good thermal properties are achieved by the use of innovative insulating inserts, sub-gasket, two types of two-component gaskets, and a cross-sectional insulating infill. Windows can successfully be used in energy efficient buildings.

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The new standard of overlaping glass – increases the depth significantly and improves the thermal and structural properties of the system.


Star 90 is a modern profile system that allows the use of Aliplast Luxus, Aliplast Steel Look, or Aliplast Vision systems. Innovative profile design perfectly fits into modern construction.6792-85_st_g510_h_02


Star 90 windows and doors are available in all RAL colors. In addition, they can be made in the Aliplast Wood Color Effect palette, which perfectly reproduces the beauty of wood-like colors as well as Decoral, which includes wood-like colors, imitation marble, granite and any other patterns. An interesting solution is also the possibility of creating a two-color structure, where the profiles from the outside and inside can have a different color.Ralkownik_profilnet



Aluminum window and door system Aliplast Star 90, 90 mm of frame depth, 99 mm of sash depth for windows and doors.


Standard windows have a 4/18/4/18/4 glazing unit and Ug = 0.5 W/m2K heat transfer coefficient with a Swisspacer frame. It is possible to use panes with thicknesses from 14-72 mm. Depending on your needs, you can choose from: safe, hardened, anti-burglar, sunscreen, acoustic, ornamental and interior glazing.

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The Activ Pilot fitting from the German company Winkhaus is used, in standard equipped with anti-overhanging pillows on the whole circumference, which can be adjusted by reducing or increasing the sash pressure to the frame depending on the season. In addition, the window is equipped with anti-theft hinges, wing lift, micro ventilation and a mechanism preventing the wrong position of the handle. One-point lock, GU Secury or KV with 3-point locking can be used in the door. There is a possibility to buy windows and doors in RC 1 and RC 2 safety class. Standard Hoppe Secustic aluminum handles are available in white, silver and bronze. In the case of standard entrance doors the handles are made from stainless steel

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Hoppe Secustic aluminum door handles are the standard, available in white, silver and bronze. Standard entrance door handles and pull handles are from stainless steel.

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Aliplast Star 90 windows and doors are available in a wide range of colors.

Standard colors
Non-standard colors
Wood-like colors
Tiger - structurlack