System Superial 75 mm


System with a better th ermal insulation. With a three chamber thermal insulation, a central chamber gasket and special gaskets for the glazing we achieve a  UR <2.0 W/m2K. The d epth of the window frames and profiles for fixed windows is 75 mm. The system achieves very good acoustic properties. The possibility of  glazing up to a  thickness of 14-61 mm.



Product highlights: 

• all kinds of windows and glass cabinets
tilt-turn windows, tilt, tilt-and-slide
• doors open to the inside


The aluminium constructions are available in a wide range of colors. It can be done in any RAL color, wood-like veneer or paint in wood-structure. Very popular is also a metallic coating.


On the windows which are offered by the company ProfilNET you receive a guarantee of 1o years. A very important factor for the quality of the window is also the competence of the assembly. Our professionally trained group of assembly ensures you the quality of the assembly, according to the highest standards.

Window ProfilNET Window assembly ProfilNET
years guarantee years guarantee


The condition to receive a guarantee is to get to know the conditions of the guarantee card as well as the assembly of the windows in accordance with the recommendations of the correct assembly or the assembly order from the company ProfilNET and their proper handling and preserving.