Model TT Max


A NEW BETTER locking system!
The TT PLUS door, the main lock of the  door TT MAX consists of a central locking system, which also runs the auxiliary lock and bolt upright (better protection against the lifting out of the frame ).

Gerda TT Max are composite doors where 0,7mm galvanised steel makes the door burglary resistant, external PVC  wood grain veneer looks like a natural wood and internal door filling of CFC free polyurethane foam or extruded polystyrene foam gives the door perfect acoustic and thermal insulation properties. We offer all the features for very competitive price. 

The family of TT doors has been made for external use as entrance door for houses. The TT door materials are UV resistant. The TT Max doors were tested for weather resistance and have been qualified as external use doors. 57mm thick door filled in with extruded polystyrene foam guaranties very good thermal resistance.

Due to the strength requirements of the door it may be used in the corresponding second class of requirements, in average conditions.
a protection against the lifting out of the frame - including the doors are locked at 9 points and with three solid security bolts on the hinge side
the main lock in the highest security / burglar resistance
hinge design for both opening doors too the inside and outside the room, preventing their removal to the door sash
The door has different designs with decorative plates coated with PVC film
Decorative foil with transparent protective layer, including UV-resistant
• Very good thermal conductivity coefficient (energy saving).

Enhanced locking system.
TT Max door has enhanced – comparing to TT Plus - locking system composed of central ZW3000 lock which simultaneously drives auxiliary lock in the bottom rail and vertical bolt engaging frame head.  6 bolts of the main and additional locks of TT Max door results with very high level of security.
Your house needs to look good.

The TT Max door can be classic, wood-looking piece of your house when you choose the wood grain finished door. You can also choose modern designs with steel inserts (offer limited to some regions – ask your dealer for details).  What is important the veneers we use for TT Max doors are common in window industry so it will not be a problem to match the door and window finishes and keep composition of the house facade consistent.

The sizes of the doors:

TT Max



  1,6 W/Km2



W00 Płaskie  


Technical details:

1. Door leaf made of high quality, zinc galvanised, 0,7 mm thick steel sheet, coated with PCV foil and covered with scratch- resistant coating.
2. Door filling- polystyrene foam EPS.
3. Main lock.
4. Additional lock.
5. Adjustable hinges.
6. Fixed hinge bolts.
7. Auxiliary lock.
8. Door check.
9. Door leaf seal.



Standard door set includes:

  • Main lock: certified mortise lock Gerda ZW3000M with latch and 3 hardened, 12mm, steel bolts engaging the lock keep fixed with frame. The lock also operates bottom auxiliary lock with 2 deadlocking bolts and additional bolt engaging the head section of the steel frame. The lock is a certified against EN 12209 the highest grade 7 of burglary resistance.
  • Central lock ZW3000M is driven by Gerda WK M2 euro profile cylinder which, due to innovative design allows over 100.000 genuine key differs and is very secure – approved grade 6 against EN 1303 standard.
  • Additional lock Gerda ZW500 above handle set to allow fast locking. Traditionally used during the day. 
  • Euro profile cylinder Gerda WK E1 with knob applied within additional lock allows fast and convenient locking/unlocking doors.
  • Fixed hinge bolts, 3 units, prevent doors being forced off the hinge.
  • Hinges, 3 units robust to keep the door tight, with Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE known as Teflon®) washers to operate smooth and quiet, 3D adjustable.
  • Asymmetric frame (FA) made of galvanized steel 1.5 mm thick, maintenance free covered with decorative PVC foil fully matching door colour. Additional seal in the frame.
  • Set of door handles and furniture available in anodised finishes: platinum, satin chrome, satin brass, tarnished brass.
  • Special security escutcheon in the main lock.
  • Door rebated with thermoplastic elastomeric (TPE) seal.
  • Wide angle door viewer.

Optional door set components:

  • Set of 2 certified according to EN 1303 grade 6 euro profile cylinders   WKM2 with option of  “1 key system” the same key applied to main Gerda ZW3000M and additional Gerda ZW500 locks
  • Set of 2 certified according to EN 1303 grade 6 euro profile cylinders WKM4 for main and additional locks, option of 1 key system available.
    - Fixed steel door check ZS10 operated with a knob.
    - Temporary threshold of zinc coated steel for door mounting purposes.
    - Threshold with seal
    - Stainless steel 19 mm
    - Stainless steel 32 mm
    - Oak 19 mm
    - Oak 35 mm
    - Sapele 19 mm
    - Sapele 35 mm
  • Bottom brush seal

Doors and frames finishes available:

FSB WhiteFDE Gold oakFRP Light nutFRB Brazilian nut
FRR Alpine nut  


 Handle set and escutcheon colours