Model GSX


The most resistant to breaking exterior doors with Gerda glazing, with elegant decorative panels and ornamental glass or stained glass windows. Class P5A shatter-proof glass in the highest resistance.

Gerda GSX doors are certified in grade 3 according to ENV 1627 .

Grade 3 is nearly the strongest anti-burglary resistance used for housing and office buildings.
Gerda GSX door may be used as the entry doors houses and other properties where doors must resist weather conditions, especially in the areas of high burglary risk or just where the owner of the property wants to have the property very safe.

Due to the strength requirements of the door it may be used in the corresponding fourth class of requirements, in very heavy conditions.
exterior doors with glazing panels with very high resistance to breaking due to such massive door, locking the door leaf in 15 points (including the hinge side) and accessories and door locks of the main cover, in the highest immunity / protection against burglary. The doors have also permanent security bolts on the hinge side
T he main lock Gerda Tytan RIM 6000SX has over 4.2 billion combined, provides a unique key code produced for each of the inserts
The hinge design for both opening doors to the inside and outside the room, preventing their removal to the door sash
decorative panels in various designs and colors, including natural wood. Panels can also be lacquered (RAL colors)
Patterned glass or stained glass flat and convex
The panels aren't glued to the sash, which allows the exchange of the sash  at any time (to adjust the door style and color for the new interior of the apartment) but with the replacement of glass or stained glass because of the requirements arising from the class resistance to breaking.
Decorative foil with transparent protective layer, including UV-resistant
Good thermal conductivity coefficient (energy saving)

During the tests Gerda GSX door resist loads of 12,000 kilograms!

Important features of the doors for houses:

Weather resistance.
GSX door performs very well as an external use door. It is equipped with two sets of seal (recommended option of symmetric or asymmetric frame with seal) – one in the door leaf the other in the frame. Both secure the door set against rain and wind.

Thermal insulation.
The GSX doors have achieved the thermal insulation coefficient of ... (*) what is one of the best results among anti-burglary doors where a lot of components is optimised to achieve high resistance for burglary and needs to be made of steel.

Our X family of doors (GSX on this page) is multi-material composite doors with robust anti-burglary steel core and eco-friendly wooden (MDF) panels – moulded in very wide range of designs and finished with wood grain PVC foils. See section “Finishes available” to see range of wood grain veneers and section “Panel mouldings available” to see designs available. You will be impressed with our range! Note that you can have various panels inside and outside of the door.
Innovative idea of interchangeable door panel gives you a chance to change door design or easy repair it. Just change one or both panels when required and your doors are as new ones!
To make the façade of your house nicer GSX doors have a glazing – again we offer very wide range of stained glazings or standard obscure glass, “antisol” glass or even one-side mirror glass.

The sizes of the doors:




  2,0-2,1 W/Km2


Panel designs:

G11G12 G13 G14 G21 
G22 G23 G24 G31 G32 
G33 G34 G41 G42 G43 
G44 G51 G52 G53 G54
 G61 G62 G63 G64 G71 
G72 G73 G74 G81 G82 
G83 G84   


Glazing options:

A11 A12 B11 B12 S11/L13, L15 A21 A22 B21 B22  S21/L23, L25


A31 A32 B31 B32 S31/L33, L35 A41 A42 B41 B42 S41/L43, L45


A51 A52 B51 B52 S51/L53, L55 A61 A62 B61 B62 S61/L63, LL65


A71 A72 B71 B72 S71/L73, L75 A81 A82 B81 B82 S81/L83, L85


Technical details:

1. Door leaf made of high quality, zinc galvanised, 1,25 mm thick steel sheet,
2. Door filling – polyurethane foam, self-distinguishing, CFC free.
3. Tempered steel ribs and bars.
4. Fixed glass, certified against (standard), class P5A
5. Interchangeable panels made of MDF boards laminated with wood grain foil. Scratch resistant, long lasting and manganese free. Glazing fixed to the panel. 
6. Central lock.
7. Two auxiliary locks
8. Additional lock.
9. Adjustable hinges.
10. Fixed hinge bolts.
11. Aluminium lipping fixing panels to the doors core.
12. Bottom door lipping.
13. Brush seal
14. Door leaf seal.



Standard door set includes:

  • Central lock Gerda ZW6000 – unique Gerda products not available in any other doors on the world.
  • The lock is certified in grade 7 according to EN 12209, equipped with the latch and 5 deadlocking, 12 mm diameter bolts made of tempered stainless steel located just below the latch.
  • The ZW6000 lock also operates two auxiliary locks – top and bottom, each with 2 deadlocking bolts.
  • It also drives two deadlocking bolts – top and bottom – on the hinge side of the door.
  • Central lock ZW6000 is equipped with worldwide patented Gerda Tytan RIM 6000SX cylinder which, due to its innovative construction allows over 4,000,000,000 genuine key differs and is very secure – approved the highest grade 6 according to  EN 1303 standard. The cylinder developed in Gerda in 1990’s is permanently improved by our team of engineers to resist all newest burglary techniques.
  • Additional lock Gerda ZW550 above handle set to allow fast locking. Traditionally used during the day.  The lock is a certified against EN 12209 the highest grade 7 of burglary resistance.
  • Euro profile cylinder Gerda WK E1 with knob applied within additional lock allows fast and convenient locking/unlocking doors.
  • Fixed hinge bolts, 3 units, prevent doors being forced off their hinges.
  • Hinges, 3 units robust to keep the door tight, with Teflon washers to operate smooth and quiet, 3D adjustable.
  • Symmetric frame made of galvanized steel 1.5 mm thick, veneered with decorative PVC foil as doors – 100% colour match and maintenance free.
  • Gerda Techno door furniture – handles, knob of the door check, roses – in glossy chrome / satin nickel design.
  • Door rebated with thermoplastic elastomeric (TPE) seal;
  • Wide angle door viewer;
  • Fixed steel door check operated with a knob.


Optional door set components:

  • Gerda GSX door may be equipped with unique Variant Gerda Tytan RIM6000SX cylinder.
  • Temporary threshold of zinc coated steel for door mounting purposes;
  • Hardwood threshold with seal – choice of sill 35mm high or mobility sill 19mm;
  • Angle steel frame (galvanized steel 1.5 mm, veneered)
  • Symmetric frame with additional seal – recommended for better thermal insulation.
  • Bottom brush seal.
  • Rain deflector.

Doors with foiled panels finishes available:

FSB WhiteFLB alderFCC CalvadosFCB dark calvados
FDE Gold oakFDM red oakFMH light mahoganyFMG dark mahogany
FRP Light nutFRM artemis nutFRB Brazilian nutFRR Alpine nut
FEW wenge   


Finishes of frames, panel lippings and hinges available. 

whitelight browndark browngold oak
light nutbrazilian nutalpine nutcalvados


Handle set and escutcheon colours

Satin nickelChromeGold