Elite Entrance Door


Each door presents your home. Elite Entrance Door fulfill the expectations of their users because they are durable and resistant to opening and closing a lot of time. The use of an automatic hardware is also a safe solution. Additionally, in conjunction with an aesthetic mounted door panel, that matches the architecture of the building, the door stand out among others. This system is compatible with windows from the serie Elite NET. Like the whole series it occurs in the class A.

Product highlights: 


The high wing with a height of 120 mm in combination with a thicker reinforcement make it possible to open the doors a lot of times. In the standard we used door hinges Dr. Hahn that make it possible to open the door even when you are using heavier burglar glass.


In the standard you have an automatic hardware , which causes that after you have closed the wing at the top and bottom of the wing it eject additional locking tabs that make it unpossible to open the door. One lock fitted as standard but you can order a second one to inc rease the safety class .


Doors in the class A
This system is made of the highest profile standars in whole Europe and thanks to this it is qualified for class A.



A very good relation of the quality to the price The doors have no equal in terms of performance parameters and the offered price.

The doors are fitted in the standard with a low aluminum threshold with a height of 2 cm, it is possible to move comfortable . The possibility of opening the door to the inside and outside makes them to an universal solution for many room .




A wide selection of panels, rich colors and various designs handles and handles make it possible to design his own door.




The doors have a very good thermal performance ( Uw = 1.4 W/m2K) . The 120 mm wide wing in combination with the standard bar Super Spacer significantly improve the thermal performance of the door . An additional advantage of thermals door is an aluminum threshold with a thermal break .

Super Spacer
Each door from ProfilNET is equipped with a standard glazing with the revolutionary bar Super Spacer, which improves the thermal properties, the acoustic, affects the reduction of the condensation on the surface of the windscreen as well as increase the durability and usefulness of each glass.





Veka Softline AD door system with a  frame width of 70 mm, the height of the wing 120 mm, the possibility to open to the inside and outside. At the bottom we have in the standard a low alu minum threshold with a thermal break. Optional brushes can be purchased at the threshold and a cover from the outside.


Standard glass 4/16/4 having a permeability coefficient of Ug=1,0 W/m 2 K with the warm bar Super Spacer. The possibility to use a glas with triple glazing 4/16/4/16/4 and a factor of Ug=0,7 W/m 2 K. A very extensive range of door panels .


GU Automatic Secure with an automatic lock. In the standard one lock , it is possible to order an additional lock . In addition, you have the opportunity to buy an electric lock or a door closer .

Handle Choice of door handles / door handles, door handles / knob or door handles .
Gaskets EPDM with a m emory of the shape in the color black or grey.

The minimum thickness of 2.5 mm suitable for a large steel chamber



The standard window is produced in the color white. The windows are also produce in wood veneer form the Renolit palette with the following specifications:

-color white from the inside and from the outside wood veneer

-wood veneer from the inside and from the outside

-wood veneer from the inside and from the outside white.



On the windows which are offered by the company ProfilNET you receive a guarantee of 1o years. A very important factor for the quality of the window is also the competence of the assembly. Our professionally trained group of assembly ensures you the quality of the assembly, according to the highest standards.

Window ProfilNET Windows assembly ProfilNET
years guarantee years guarantee


The condition to receive a guarantee is to get to know the conditions of the guarantee card as well as the assembly of the windows in accordance with the recommendations of the correct assembly or the assembly order from the company ProfilNET and their proper handling and preserving.