Windows configurator

Step 1
  1. energy-efficient
  2. has a good brand
  3. fair price
  4. aesthetic design
  5. energy-efficient in a fair price
Step 2
  1. profile in the group of 70 mm width
  2. profile in the group of 80 mm width (better thermal properties)
  3. profile in the group of 90 mm width (better thermal properties)
  4. I don't know
Step 3
  1. square
  2. round
Step 4
  1. product brand
  2. fairer price
Your choice is a window Gealan 6k Classic Click here for more informations
The Gealan 6k Classic windows are designed for people looking for classic shapes. The product is ideal for residential development as well as single family houses. Very good thermal parameters in conjunction with the excellent quality of the product and the price make it possible that this product enjoys a very high recognition of the buyers..





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