Windows configurator

Step 1
  1. energy-efficient
  2. has a good brand
  3. fair price
  4. aesthetic design
  5. energy-efficient in a fair price
Step 2
  1. profile in the group of 70 mm width (better thermal properties)
  2. profile in the group of 80 mm width (better thermal properties)
  3. I don't know
Step 3
  1. square
  2. round
Your choice is a window Schuco 82 MD Soft Click here for more informations

The window Schüco 82 MD is the answer for people who are looking for the perfect window. Schuco brand products are the best known and most recognizable and respected window on the market, because of the highest quality. The windows Schüco MD 82 has in addition to the recognized advantages also excellent insulation properties. The basic feature of this product is the 6-chamber system with a frame width of 82 mm. Schüco 82 MD has a system of three seals and an additional seal between the sash and the glass, to prevent possible thermal bridges. The standard window has a triple glazing with a permeability coefficient of Ug = 0.5 W/m2K and reaches a thermal parameter for the whole window of Uw = 0.8 W/m2K. The window Schüco 82 MD is also made in the profile class A. Another great advantage of this window is a modern design, which results from the simple frame and sash, and a unique gently glass bar. The product is mainly aimed at those looking for modern solutions for energy efficient homes and at the same time appreciate the brand. The window type Soft is equipped in the standard with a rounded sash.



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